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In my third and final mini-blog on Principle #4: Creating a Meeting of the Minds from my book Work That Works, I invite you to utilize what you’ve learned about who is on your team and how they like to be communicated with to unleash the power of cognitive diversity in your organization.

In order to build a Whole Emergenetics® Team, or WEteam, you need representation from every Emergenetics Attribute. When reviewing team Profiles, did you uncover missing preferences or under- or over-represented Attributes?

If there is a missing Attribute, invite someone outside your team to participate in your meeting, project or event who has a preference in that Attribute. In addition, be sure to include a multi-modal thinker, someone who has a preference in three or four of the Thinking Attributes. They can be a valuable addition and act as a communication translator to bridge any gaps in understanding.

The success of a WEteam is also dependent on trust. If employees don’t feel comfortable sharing their ideas, the power of this approach is lost. As a leader, it is your job to create a culture that encourages the brilliance of every Attribute to emerge.

Establish company-wide norms that are rooted in trust, so that even members outside your team will feel comfortable using their gifts to contribute to a newly formed WEteam. By providing an environment that supports all employees and harnesses the power of cognitive diversity, your organization with thrive.

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