Have you ever thought about starting your own business and being your own boss? How about doing something you’re actually passionate about for the rest of your career life? But what does it take to be an entrepreneur? If entrepreneurship has ever crossed your mind, it will help if you’re aware of how your Thinking and Behavioral preferences, as well as blind spots, might have an impact on your decisions in business.

The heart and soul of entrepreneurship include business sustainability, effective communication among partners/team members, persistence through failure, and being flexible and adaptable when facing obstacles. Using Emergenetics, you will be able to equip yourself with a better understanding of how you and your team prefer to think and behave; therefore, enabling you to bring out the best in them, benefitting not only the business but personally as well.

Preferences do not equate ability. You may have an expressed interest in envisioning big ideas (Conceptual preference) and in relating to people (Social preference), but that does not mean that you can’t work with data (Analytical preference) and follow guidelines (Structural preference). This is when WEteams can be put into place. By working together in WEteams, different thinking and behavioural preferences can come together and provide a holistic concept for success of the business.

Emergenetics also reveals an individual’s blind spots. This self-awareness can be beneficial if you know how to utilise it to your advantage. With the support of a WEteam, it is possible for blind spots to be eradicated, thereby strengthening the business as well as the entire team.

Owning a business is a never-ending journey of learning and improving; learning to overcome obstacles along the way and improving the business and your team. As a team, it’s always good to take some time to reflect upon the business journey so as to ensure everyone is on the same page. Due to different thinking and behavioral preferences, everyone will have their own unique perspectives of a situation which should be shared to encourage diverse learning.

Now, let’s not forget to add some fun into the mix! Along the way, learn to laugh while picking yourself up from an inevitable fall. Learning and improving does not need to be all serious. There’s always be work to be done, so inject some humour into the process so that you and your WEteam will enjoy coming to work every day and face all kinds of challenges together.

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