In the year of the 10th Anniversary of Emergenetics in Asia Pacific, Emergenetics International-Asia Pacific has appointed Dr Nattavut Kulnides as Country Representative for Thailand. “Nat comes to us with the right experience, expertise and connections in Thailand, but more importantly, our values are aligned. After a stringent process, I’m excited that Nat will assume the role of Country Representative for Thailand,” says Terence Quek, CEO of Emergenetics International-Asia Pacific. “This is an important move because finally, we will have an office to support so many associates in Thailand, something we wanted for some years.”

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Natt and are excited to have him on-board the Emergenetics family. Read on to learn more about our Thai Country Representative, his first experiences with Emergenetics and how he hopes to see it grow in Thailand.

How did you come to know about Emergenetics?

I first heard about Emergenetics from a business contact in Thailand who knew I built my practice on psychometric tools for team application. He spoke highly about Emergenetics and encouraged me to experience an Emergenetics workshop first-hand. I was very impressed by the Emergenetics approach and the powerful applications to individual and team development.

What was your experience taking your Emergenetics Profile for the very first time?

I have an interest in using psychometric tools for individual and team development and have been certified, or even master certified for some of these instruments. So, I assumed that I have seen it all and would not be easily impressed by any new assessment.

However, during the whole Emergenetics experience, from receiving my profile, attending my first Meeting of the Minds workshop (MOTM) to achieving Certification, my perception of Emergenetics has totally changed!

I was impressed by the simple but yet effective tool and was able to visualize a wide range of applications of it in an organisation. I like the forward-looking mentality of Emergenetics, exemplified in the introduction of the Emergenetics+ App which is a great tool to help people really make the most out of Emergenetics in every interaction.

Share an aspect of your Emergenetics Profile.

My most preferred thinking attribute is Conceptual and I laugh to myself that for any work that I have done as a trainer or consultant, I always start by designing a beautiful Power Point template, before diving into the content, which sometimes can be very draining (and boring).

Being third-third assertive also means I love a busy lifestyle. At work, I have to remind myself to slow down as it might be draining for some of my team members to follow up with my ideas, which most of the time come without details (Conceptual, remember!).

Why did you decide to become an Associate of Emergenetics in Thailand?

I was really impressed with the simple but yet effective tool, forward-thinking management and the potential to help individuals and organisations realise their potential and work effectiveness within a team. I am well-versed in psychometric tools in Thailand and am convinced that Emergenetics can assist many organisations.

After experiencing Emergenetics, I decided to then contact Emergenetics International – Asia Pacific for more details. I was very impressed with the friendliness and support from the colleagues in Emergenetics International – Asia Pacific Headquarters.

Right after becoming an Emergenetics associate, I have implemented Emergenetics to many of my clients and the outcome has been greatly positive. There is high appreciation for the tool from our clients that they wish to roll-out to all employees in their organisations.

What do you hope to see for Emergenetics International – Thailand and Asia Pacific?

While many organisations in Thailand adopt English as their official language, many still use Thai as the language of instruction. I wish to make Emergenetics become the first psychometric tool to be available in Thai with proper translation. I would also like to implement Thai culture in the workshops so that team applications can be effectively communicated and received by the locals here.

I aim to also provide the best support for our associates in Thailand. Most importantly, I wish to see Emergenetics become the most popular and widely used assessment in Thailand.

Share with us how the Emergenetics tool has impacted you personally.

As a father of two young kids, I love to observe how they shape up their personalities. Having an understanding of Emergenetics helps me best support my kids to pursue their interests and learning. By learning that Emergernetics has deep roots in education, it inspires me to contribute more in education and learning in my country. My next step will be introducing Emergenetics to the Thai teaching community and help teachers better prepare for different learning profiles in students.

What are your hobbies/ activities which you enjoy to do in your leisure time.

It used to be photography before everybody could take great pictures. Now, I try to convince my kids to pick up golf at a young age. That’s also my hope for an early retirement if my kids make it (laughs). Anyway, golf is a great family sport where we love to spend a healthy Sunday afternoon together.

Terence Quek, CEO of Emergenetics International

Terence Quek, CEO of Emergenetics International – Asia Pacific welcoming Nattavut Kulnides, the newly appointed Country Representative and CEO of Emergenetics

We look forward to Nattavut continuing the efforts of the Asia Pacific office – expanding outreach, widening exposure, and deepening engagement – at a deeper level in Thailand. This will translate into greater support for our current and future Emergenetics Associates in Thailand. All of us in the global Emergenetics International family congratulate Nattavut on his appointment and wish him the very best on this Emergenetics journey!

About Dr. Nattavut Kulnides

Nattavut is currently the Managing Director and founder of ADGES Consulting. He is also serving as an adjunct faculty member at College of Management, Mahidol University on the subject of Strategic Management and Strategic Human Resource Management as well as being advisor to Human Capital Management (HCM) for an association under the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Prior to this, Nattavut has worked in executive positions in many of world leading organizations such as Accenture and BMW and was the Chief Operation Officer for Maersk Sealand. He was also the Deputy Managing Director and Head of Human Capital Consulting for Mercer (Thailand).

Nattavut graduated from several prestigious universities, including Chulalongkorn University, University of Colorado, USA, INSEAD and IMD. His doctorate is from University of Manchester, UK.

(This article was originally featured in the InterWEave newsletter for Emergenetics International- Asia Pacific)

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