Healthy Snacks

Staying healthy in the workplace can be rather challenging, especially when one is continually on the grind or heavily involved in projects and deadlines. Yet, staying healthy is exactly what we need to remain in top shape to battle the day and stay productive.


Here are some suggestions for snacks to munch during office hours, and even exercise tips that you can try easily in the workplace. Some of them are tried-and-tested tips from the Emergenetics team, so be sure to try them out!





Avocados are wonderful fruits with plentiful vitamins and nutrients for the body! They help in preventing cholesterol and reduce risks in obesity, diabetes and heart disease. It is also rich in omega 3 and 6 which are known to increase blood flow to the brain.


Add slices of them in a salad, or simply mash it onto to toast for a simple morning snack!





Deborah Chew, our Chief Operating Officer of Emergenetics Asia Pacific loves to snack on a square of dark chocolate. In fact, dark chocolate is healthy and good for the brain. The flavonols in chocolate improve blood vessel function, improving brain function and memory.


Chocolate lovers can now rejoice at this fact!


Yoghurt with Honey and Oats

oghurt and Oats


Jan Ng, Assistant Manager of Corporate Programmes, can’t resist a nice cup of greek yogurt with honey and oats. The probiotics in yoghurt help in protecting the brain, and help improve cognitive performances.


Oats are also a great brain-booster! Not only is it low in glucose, it is rich in Vitamin B which reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and brain shrinkage.


To quote Jan, “It’s delish and keeps my energy level up for the work day!”


Another reason to introduce oats into your diet. If you’re one for sweet things, add natural sweeteners such as honey or fruits to keep the snack healthy.


Green Tea

Green Tea


Drinking a cup of green tea a day is actually beneficial to the brain! It improves brain plasticity – allowing brains to learn faster.


Green tea is readily available in stores and easy to brew.


Is it no wonder that Samantha Low, our Senior Visual Communications Executive, loves to drink green tea daily! “Green tea is bitter-sweet and helps me keep awake during working hours. It also brings me fond memories of my trips in Japan.”


Baked Almonds



Now this is a favourite amongst many of our teammates in the Emergenetics Asia Pacific office! Almonds are a highly nutritional nut which is rich in Vitamin E, calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper and niacin. Wow!


Packed with nutrients, almonds help in development and health of the human brain. Plus, it’s an easy snack to munch on during office hours.


“Almonds are dry and fuss-free. They can be brought around and be stored anywhere!” says Cheryl Tang, our Corporate Programmes Executive.


Climbing Stairs



Now how does Colin Yeow, our Deputy CEO of Emergenetics Asia Pacific get his slim figure? By climbing stairs it seems! It helps that the office at 23A Keong Saik Road has stairs for him to climb (3 levels full!)


Though he claims that it’s an exercise “he has to do”, he knows the vigorous exercise helps to improve and regulate his breathing, work on his core muscles as well as increasing his heartbeat. This helps to enhance blood flow through his body, and releases natural pain relievers and endorphins. It is also a great way to improve energy and immune system.


Convinced? Start climbing stairs today!



Ball Games


Staying fit through games such as ball games, is a great way to stay healthy. It stretches your muscles, burn calories and help increase blood flow to your brain.

How does one do that at work though?


Try gathering a few like-minded colleagues to come together for an hour or two of ball games. It does not have to be professionally played, but it helps to keep you and your team mates fit and bonded.


According to Mark Lim, our Director of Information Systems in Emergenetics Asia Pacific, says: “Games help me to get by my day, and fuel my thoughts and imagination!”


Take a Pause




With all the hustle and bustle of working life, taking a pause is a great way to keep physically calm and mentally fit. There are many benefits to taking pauses through the work day – studies show that sporadic breaks replenish our energy, improve self-control and decision-making, and fuel productivity.


It’s definitely Deborah Chew’s favourite way to recharge – “Taking a break every hour reminds me to pause, to rest my eyes and to grab a drink to hydrate! Hydration is essential for the brain to function effectively!”


For Alvin Peh, our Manager of Special Projects, he does so by making coffee after lunch. “Everything around me quietens down as I focus on making a cup of coffee – my moment of zen!” says Alvin.




What are some of your favourite snacks and tips to stay healthy during work? Share with us and we can exchange tips. Let us all stay happy and healthy together!

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