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How many of your employees can’t wait for their next performance evaluation? Chances are…not many. And those who are pining to be reviewed are likely in a situation where they are hoping to turn their positive performance into reward – in essence, they’re using the review as a justification and acknowledgement of their great work (they’re like the golden retriever employees – they know their great…and hey, I’ll take a treat now).

Check out this article which details effective employee engagement. I think in many ways its right on – and it accurately portrays what successful organizations are likely already doing when evaluating employees. But here’s what it doesn’t say…and what most organizations aren’t doing:

Conducting employee performance evaluations and linking performance management to…wait for it…the actual employees! I’m not talking about abandoning benchmarks or company/dept wide metrics…I’m talking about honing in on performance evaluation in a way that makes sense for each employee.

And that goes to individually understanding employees. Do you expect that an employee with a Conceptual thinking style is going to approach stated goals the same way as a very Structural, process-driven person? Probably not…so why evaluate them the same way? Here’s the key:

  • Don’t evaluate the process – different employees are going to get there different ways.
  • Provide reachable (yet stretched) goals for each employee – that means a deep discussion around how they work and what will provide satisfaction and business results
  • Connect goals and performance to an individualized plan – tie goals to their personality and strengths – not yours or the organization’s.

Think about how these steps can take your employee performance evaluation to a more productive level.

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