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Have you ever felt that the way you thought was strange, unusual, “not normal” from everyone around you or that your personal strengths weren’t useful? You know that there is nothing wrong with you since you have gone through school, attained your multiple degrees, and now probably have a steady income. But everyone wonders about why they think the way they do and why can’t these preferences change.

Everything is made clearer with the Emergenetics Profile. Not only does it show what thinking preferences are your personal strengths, but it also gives insight for why you think the way you do. Growing up, I was inclined to think about life on a more global and personal spectrum, caring about the way others think, and focusing on the big picture. Being able to understand complex concepts was not difficult but explaining them to others often was. From taking the Emergenetics Profile, I learned that these preferences to the way I thought were not strange but reflective of my Red/Yellow thinking preferences and my personal strengths.

My Social preference allowed me to think empathically in making decisions while also working through my Conceptual thinking preference to understand the main idea I was attempting to accomplish. But the Emergenetics Profile has also allowed me to realize that I am not only defined as being a Red/Yellow, or Social/Conceptual, but a mélange of all four of the attributes as personal strengths. Having almost preferences in Analytical and Structural attributes show that although I experience the gut feeling about an idea, I allow the facts and process to affect whatever decision I make.

Being able to tap into all of the Emergenetics Thinking Attributes is not unusual. Because the Profile measures preference rather than competency we all have the ability to think in different capacities; the Profile just shows where we draw our energy and what drains it. For example, being a 95th percentile Yellow/Conceptual thinker does not limit you from living a structured and neat lifestyle or relating your work to others. But it does show that for you, Conceptual thinking, the creative process, and outside-the-box is where you are most comfortable.

The Emergenetics Profile is not a stagnant guide list on how you should operate your life. Instead, the Profile teaches you how to incorporate all aspects of the Emergenetics “Rainbow” to be the best you and realize your fullest potential. These preferences that you portrayed have only emerged naturally from your genetics and they are something that you should learn to embrace and utilize since they are not going anywhere.

So now that you know that you are just as unique and normal as the rest of us, what are you going to do with your preferences?

Here are some of the unique personal strengths that each of the Emergenetics Thinking Attributes bring to the table:

  • Analytical: Your ability to interpret data and find credible sources makes working with you more efficient and essential.
  • Structural: Most people easily overlook the details, but the details of a plan are what get you rolling on a project.
  • Social: Cause and effect play into every decision you make because your decision’s impact on others; you are intuitive, not emotional.
  • Conceptual: Most of the world’s major innovations were inspired from people like you, keep thinking big!
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