APAC Team volunteers at Walk for Rice

The Emergenetics International – Asia Pacific (APAC) team has won the AmCham CARES award for the third year running, achieving the Silver Award for the Entrepreneur Category this year! In addition, we are pleased to announce that the APAC team has received a special mention as one of three Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that was able to link doing good with their core business operations.

The APAC team is truly blessed and indeed humbled to be recognized for their commitment to making a difference and their efforts in bringing value to the underprivileged community in Singapore.

The AmCham CARES award, awarded by the American Chamber of Commerce of Singapore (AmCham), recognizes American companies in Singapore that have demonstrated a strong understanding of the linkage between operations and society, and that conduct business in a way that creates both long-term economic and social value.

As a small company with just 15 members in the team, there are constraints when wanting to do good on a large scale. Yet, this has not stopped the APAC team from dreaming big and striving to make a greater impact on the community.

True to the Emergenetics spirit, the APAC office tapped into three principles that are close to the heart of Emergenetics: Collaboration, Community and Communication, which have helped propel their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts farther:

  • Collaboration: working closely with partners to multiply the impact of their efforts
  • Community: building a strong community, with fellow Emergenetics Associates in the country to extend and expand their impact
  • Communication: sharing good practices with others, so that they too may be inspired to do more good together

This focus has resulted in a series of initiatives, programs and activities in the past three years: Impact SG50, Realising Potential Initiative, Let’s Paint-A-VWO at St Luke’s Eldercare and FairPrice Walk for Rice: Team Edition.

Launch of Emergenetics Realising Potential Initiative

Launch of the Emergenetics APAC ‘Realising Potential Initiative’ in 2016, where Emergenetics pledged 2,500 Emergenetics Profiles to non-profit organizations.

Asia Pacific Team Volunteers at St Lukes Eldercare

Let’s Paint-a-VWO at St Luke’s Eldercare centre, in 2016.

Asia Pacific Team Volunteers at Walk for Rice

FairPrice Walk for Rice: Team Edition! A collaboration with SAFRA Punggol and South East CDC to help raise bowls of rice for underprivileged families in Singapore.

Asia Pacific Team Volunteering with Seniors

The Emergenetics APAC team spent some time with and distributed bags of rice to 35 seniors at Muhammadiyah Health & Day Care Centre.

The APAC team would like to take this opportunity to thank their many partners for making their CSR efforts seamless:

  • National Council of Social Services for working tirelessly with to support the Realising Potential Initiative.
  • South East Community Development Council and SAFRA Punggol for collaborating, especially in the recent FairPrice Walk for Rice: Team Edition, so that many more families could benefit from the rice that was fundraised.
  • AmCham Singapore Board, CSR Committee and Staff for their support over the years and for recognizing the efforts of the APAC team.
  • The esteemed Emergenetics Associates family, who have supported many of the APAC team’s CSR initiatives over the years.

Without the continued support and partnerships, it would not have been possible to have had the honor of winning the AmCham CARES award three years in a row. Thank you.

Here is a video, which sums up Emergenetics APAC’s CSR journey.


As a global human capital company, Emergenetics APAC’s passion is people and they are dedicated to making a difference wherever they are.

The APAC team ties their approach to CSR to their mission of moving people and organizations forward through Emergenetics and strategic communication.

Emergenetics APAC uses their expertise in people and organizational development development by conducting pro bono Emergenetics workshops to positively impact leaders in the non-profit sector in Singapore, and through them, make a positive impact on the wider community.

This impact is achieved through the 2015 initiative ‘Impact SG50’ as well as Emergenetics ‘Realising Potential Initiative’ (RPI), an ongoing partnership with National Council of Social Service (NCSS) launched by then Minister for Social and Family Development, Tan Chuan-Jin.

To date, more than 191 leaders from five organizations have benefitted from RPI and 50 non-profit organizations have benefitted from Impact SG50.

Emergenetics APAC believes that doing good is easier by taking a Whole Emergenetics approach. That’s why #WeDoGoodTogether.

Find out more about how the APAC team continues to contribute to the community through the work of Collaboration, Community and Communication.



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