The day started bright and early for our staff and volunteers who had made their way to Clementi on the Saturday of 22 October 2016. The sun shone bright, the wind blew kind, and not a rainy cloud was in sight. Things were indeed looking up that day, as we geared up for an afternoon of painting and meaningful activities with the beneficiaries of St Luke’s ElderCare in Clementi.

Jointly organised by both Emergenetics Asia Pacific and South West Community Development Council (South West CDC), this corporate social responsibility initiative was part of the launch of “Let’s-Paint-A-VWO @ South West”, which aims to bring colour to the lives of various welfare organisations through the beauty of mural art.

The initiative was also in support of the American Chambers of Commerce’s annual Corporate Community Day (AmCham CCD), an annual event where companies across the country did their part in giving back to the community, during the day, as means to encourage corporate giving.

It was a great partnership between Emergenetics Asia Pacific, South West CDC and AmCham, united by the cause of wanting to make a difference in the lives of people.

The event was graced by the presence of both Ms Low Yen Ling, Mayor of South West district and Parliamentary Secretary for Education, and Trade and Industry, as well as Mr Kirk Wagar, US Ambassador to Singapore, who despite their busy schedules, had graciously joined us for a day of merry painting and appreciating beautiful art.

St Luke’s ElderCare has used art therapy in its programmes to engage the elderly and this has shown positive results. Through the therapy, the minds of the elderly are activated and they are able to recall fond memories. In fact, the elderly have created wonderful works of art through drawing, colouring, crafts and even batik painting.

Together, Emergenetics Asia Pacific and its partners, worked on creating three wall murals, using the originally hand-drawn images done by elders themselves, with vibrant colours that liven up both the inside and outside of the centre. Titled, “Active Ageing, Ageing Well”, it means to represent ageing as a positive force in the community.

Volunteers, made up of clients, friends and family, led and engaged with the seniors in a colouring activity bringing colour and vibrancy to the lives of the beneficiaries, through the painting of the murals.

And how did our Associates find the event?

“Emergenetics is all about human potential. Through painting this huge mural, it is a great reflection on how human potential is like a large mural, and how each one plays a part in the painting,” says Ariel Loh, an Emergenetics Associate, “When we were painting up close, we thought ‘Oh it’s a small piece’, but when you step back and see the bigger picture, you see how nice it is. That is what it is like with human potential.”

And it was indeed representative of the human potential of our senior community.

The murals were a delight to the elders, who could see their art being featured on the walls of the centre.

“I’m happy to see my drawing on the wall, and see so many people here today. I hope more people can come and engage with the elderly at the centre,” says Madam Ding Hua Ying, aged 80, who graced the event.

We were entirely blessed to have our associates and friends to join us for an afternoon of meaningful contribution to the beneficiaries of St Luke’s Eldercare.

About St Luke’s ElderCare

St Luke’s ElderCare is a wellness centre dedicated to serving the elderly community in Singapore, providing maintenance care, day rehab, wellness programmes, centre-based nursing and dementia care for its clients. There are currently 13 daycare centres around Singapore, caring for about 2,000 seniors.

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