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Imagine you are about to make a sales call or you are creating a presentation to deliver to your executive team. What is your typical process? Do you take a WEapproach?

Whenever you are communicating something to a group of people, you can generally assume that they will have a range of Thinking and Behavioral preferences represented, so it is important that you consider how you will connect with each Attribute. I discuss this concept in depth my book Work That Works in Principle #5, Using the Power of WE: Techniques to Unleash Your Team’s Potential.

When I want to ensure I’m considering each Attribute, I find it useful to have a visual reminder. I recommend you print out a copy of an Emergenetics® Profile to help guide you through the process.

Action ponts graph 6

As you get to work, consider what each of the Attributes need by referencing the notes about each preference in the Profile. I like to jot down a note or two within each Thinking Attribute and on both ends of the Behavioral Attributes to ensure that I’ve considered the perspectives of all preferences.

While this may feel a bit scratchy at first, the more you practice flexing into each Attribute and considering a WEapproach to your individual work, the more success you will find in communicating with your team members.

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