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At its core, the Student|Teacher Emergenetics Program™ (STEP) has always supported the social emotional wellbeing of adults and youth. With their Emergenetics® Profiles and Youth Reports in hand, educators and students gain greater self-awareness as they uncover the ways they prefer to think and behave. They discover strategies to enhance self-management by leaning into their strengths. They also improve social awareness by recognizing that many of their colleagues and classmates do not have the same innate preferences.

Through our workshops and programs, participants come to appreciate the brilliances of every Emergenetics Attribute. They also boost their relationship skills by learning to value differences as assets and identify opportunities to collaborate and communicate more effectively. Our tools can even support responsible decision-making by empowering individuals and groups to use a WEapproach (or Whole Emergenetics approach) to think critically and consider a challenge from multiple angles.

While there are so many inherent connections between STEP and social emotional learning (SEL), our team recognized that this alignment could get lost in the hustle and bustle of your everyday classroom and school initiatives. Educators are asked to do so much these days, so it’s important to provide clear, easy-to-implement pathways to use the Thinking and Behavioral preferences of your students to enhance social emotional literacy.

That’s one of the primary reasons why we’ve created Celebrate You(th): A Social Emotional Learning Curriculum.

Available starting in the 2022-2023 school year, our supplemental curriculum melds Emergenetics theory and SEL in a way that is straightforward for teachers to apply and easy for students to understand. Using our short, 20-minute activities, educators discover a roadmap to inspire youth to use their Thinking and Behavioral preferences to build capacity in the five CASEL competencies.

With lessons designed for elementary grades 5-6, middle school and high school, the activities seamlessly supplement existing curriculum. Sprinkling in connections to Thinking and Behavioral preferences provides your staff and students with the tools to use the Attributes to create more positive learning environments and more inclusive school communities.

How Does “Celebrate You(th): A Social Emotional Learning Curriculum” Support Schools?

Advancing Social Emotional Skills

Collectively, our lessons align to the five CASEL competencies. The activities can be mixed and matched and are designed to strengthen youth’s self-knowledge, enhance their understanding of others and improve their situational and social awareness by considering real-life situations outside of the classroom. We are especially proud of our program’s applications to strengthen identity development and provide strategies to increase student agency.

Supporting College and Career Readiness

In addition to improving social emotional literacy, our high school and middle school curricula also offer activities for college and career readiness. By providing more real-world applications, youth can use their self-knowledge to identify their next steps and support their success beyond the classroom.

Enhancing Collective Efficacy

The curriculum empowers teachers to easily integrate the Emergenetics Attributes into their day-to-day lesson plans. By consistently utilizing the language of Emergenetics and the seven Attributes to improve classroom dynamics, educators can positively influence student engagement and amplify their collective impact.

Improving School Connectedness and Climate

While all STEP programs can enhance school culture by creating an environment where individuals are celebrated for their strengths and differences are valued as assets, our curriculum takes these learnings one step further. Using our classroom lessons, educators have another avenue to demonstrate that they truly know their students, recognize their individual brilliances and want to use those gifts to support their success.

We are so excited to be sharing our new SEL curriculum with educators and students! If you would like to learn more about Celebrate You(th), click here for more information.

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