What makes an exceptional organizational culture?  

If you’ve read any of the previous blogs in the culture series, you’ll know that every workplace has a distinct feel and flavor. We’ve identified the 6 Cs of Culture that consistently are a part of engaging, motivating environments. 

They include: 

My colleagues and I have been exploring the 6 Cs to provide insights into the impact of the elements and offer meaningful ways to influence a healthier culture. Let’s take a closer look at Connection. 

What Is the Impact of Connection? 

Connection refers to both the level of trust within working relationships as well as a shared commitment to work toward a defined purpose. The ties come to life by creating bonds with colleagues, promoting alignment with the organization’s vision and values as well as defining common goals for staff.  

When connection is strong, personnel experience a 34% increase in goal attainment, a 36% increase in well-being and a 92% increase in professional growth. Healthy bonds have impacts on the individual level and the organizational level. Research indicates that 83% of companies that outperform revenue growth link everything they do to purpose.  

Strong relationships also affect an organization’s retention rate. A study from Cigna showed that lonely employees have a higher risk of turnover, lower productivity, more missed days at work and a decreased quality of work. Camaraderie benefits all workers, and when it’s missing from culture, the ramifications ripple impacting the entire workforce. 

With nearly half of workers feeling disconnected at work, it begs the question – what can be done about it? Read on to uncover the opportunities to promote meaningful bonds in the workplace.  

What Does a Relational Culture Look Like? 

When connectedness is present and valued, leaders and personnel will consistently agree with the following statements: 

#1 – All team members are clear on the direction of the organization as well as its vision or reason for being. 

#2 – C-suite executives communicate and remind the workforce of the company’s core values.  

#3 – Individuals understand their departmental and team-specific priorities and know they make a difference in achieving goals.  

#4 – People managers build rapport and show interest in the holistic well-being of their direct reports during one-on-ones and team meetings.  

#5 – Staff have opportunities to engage in job crafting to better utilize their strengths at work and find impact in the work they do. 

#6 – Team-building events like volunteer opportunities, employee lunches, happy hours or learning and development programs are regularly organized, and staff across all levels are invited to join. 

#7 – Colleagues often offer to step in and provide support when they see a teammate or friend at work who is struggling. 

#8 – Systems and resources are in place to promote connection such as chat channels like Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google Chat or employee resource and interest groups. 

#9 – Managers regularly discuss employee contributions to work and their alignment with the big picture. 

#10 – Personnel are encouraged to participate in non-work-related conversations, which could take shape through actions like asking check-in questions at the beginning of meetings or having a virtual water cooler on messaging platforms. 

What Is One Tip to Consider for this C of Culture? 

From our work at Emergenetics, we know that connection looks different to different people. Individuals’ various combinations of thought and behaviors affect the ways they prefer to build relationships with others and the organization.  

Knowing coworkers’ innate Thinking and Behavioral preferences leads to enhanced appreciation and mutual understanding. An organization can holistically strengthen ties at work by creating team building experiences that support each of the Emergenetics Attributes. 

How Leaders Can Encourage Connection:    

  • Explain why connection is important  
  • Specify how the activity can impact relationships 
  • Ensure teammates can spend time with all those who are present  
  • Invite teammates to consider the what ifs behind the activity 
  • Find a balance between whole group and one-to-one activities 
  • Create cooperative and competitive experiences 
  • Stay focused in the activity while allowing for some fluidity 

Emergenetics Associates – To bond in a way that honors all the Attributes, login to Emergenetics+ and visit the My Library section to download our series of free team building activities Emergenetics Warmups. 

Making a focused effort to ensure employees feel connected to one another and the company’s vision will result in a culture of belonging and promote higher staff engagement, which will fuel the organization’s success.  

To continue cultivating a culture of connection – or amplify any of our other 6 Cs – we invite you to download our Culture Fitness Toolkit, where you will find resources and actionable suggestions to guide you on your way to a stronger workplace climate.  

Culture Fitness

Download our toolkit today or fill out the form below to speak with one of our team members about how Emergenetics can advance connection in your company or school! 


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